A Tea Party

3 November 2010: "Who Are The Tea Party Supporters?" - cbsnews.com
Poem broadcast on 7 November 2010 on The World Today on BBC World Service.

My friends and me
and Sarah P,
we baked a cake.
You had our cake
and ate it all.
You never called.
Now we have come
on broomsticks, jeeps
and pickup trucks.
We understand
that you're the ones
in Wonderland.
Oh dear, oh dear,
the teapot's got
extremely hot,
the plates are smashed,
the place is trashed
and someone's shot
the chandelier.

My friends and me
and Sarah P,
we may not be
your cup of tea.
Yet we are here.
More shellac please.
Switch off the dream.
Sub-primal scream.
Now pass the cream.

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