Reforms - Or What?

30 March 2011: "The Syrian President's Speech: Surprise! There's No Surprise." – Time

Reforms unannounced.
Reforms into which
we haven't been bounced.
Reforms that we've studied,
bowed and unbloodied.
Unseasonal reforms.
Most reasonable reforms.
Reforms in a time frame
that's just a logistic.
Reforms that are more
than merely linguistic.
Reforms as to which
we are greatly enthused -
please do not throw shoes.
Reforms in the name
of god and Syria,
enforced by the Ministry
for the Interior.
Reforms which are close
to the heart of Bashar,
which is still quite sad
as our brothers were shot
last week in Daraa.
Reforms that transform
or possibly not,
but whatever is bad,
we blame the lot
on our ancient friend
– the Zionist plot.

That's what.

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