I am David Cameron

I am cleanish, I am newish,
I am greenish, I am blueish,
I am rather nicely spun.
I am David Cameron.

I'm one of you, not one of them,
as I said to the Lib Dems
when I begged to be PM.
Oh you've kiboshed this, well done.
I am David Cameron.

I break away from holiday
so I can tear across the globe,
so I can walk across the road
and say that everything's ok.
I have donned my formal face,
from which I've wiped all trace of fun.
I am David Cameron.

Broken Britain has awoken,
it's a job for ultra-heroes,
Supercop meets Megamob.
We will cuddle you, but roughly.
We will huggle you quite toughly.
So which side of me has won?
I am David Cameron.

Here I nip into a chippie.
And there's me on my bike.
And that's me as a jogger.
But please turn off your camera
when I'm burning off the carbon,
when I hop into my chopper,
when I skip off to the sun.
I am David Cameron.

I'm that chap from Bullingdon.
But if I find a mugshot
of a toff with his old topper:
I will out the damned spot.
I will crush it, I will flush it.
I am just like everyone.
I am David Cameron

I'm the man at Number Ten
who's watching out for Number One.
I am rather nicely spun.
I am David Cameron.

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