Greek Myths & Theorems

4 May 2010: "World shares dive as Greeks strike over cuts" - The Times.
Poem broadcast on 15 May 2010 on The World Today on BBC World Service.

The hypotenuse squared
is equal to the sum
of something or other.

Sometimes a streaker
is just a streaker
and not Eureka.

If the sun shines,
everything's fine.

Never ask
what a Grecian earns.

It is ok
to spend your way
into thrift.

Beware of Germans
bearing gifts.
Look their gift horse
in the mouth.
Check its bite.
Go on strike
if it has teeth.

If you feel tired,
go sail a boat,
and search in vain
for your golden touch.

Muse upon
the recession of genius.

Do not exit
the Euro zone,
your comfort zone.

If you start to sink,
do not turn back,
they'll bail you out,
they'll stabilise you,
they'll do what it takes,
to keep you afloat.

Though if they don't
and tottering columns
of Grecian figurines
just won't stack up,
but begin to crumble,
stability pacts tumble,
and the time has come
to complete the descent
from antiquity
to the obliquity
of Hellenic hell,
the final act,

at least do it in a way
which you know well:

make it glorious
make it dramatic
make it epic
make it tragic.

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