Checks and Balances

29 July 2011: "US debt crisis: Republicans abandon vote as panic grows" – The Telegraph.

When your debt has hit the ceiling
and the wheels come off your dealings

When your cheques are firing blanks
thanks to all you paid with thanks

When your balance has been checked

When fluidity is frozen
and solidity's foreclosing

When Mr Dow and Mr Jones
groan as only they know how

When all around are brinking

When it's eyeball touching eyeball
yet still neither one is blinking

When each bluff remains uncalled

When it's a dead heat to the wire
and there isn't an umpire

When we're nearly at Day D
but you're working on plan E.

When we reach the final tick
which won't be followed by a tock

When they take away your clock

When your balance is unsteady
and they're missing you already

When all that's left to say

is have a nice day
and goodbye to Triple A

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