Bloody Diamonds

6 August 2010: "I washed my hands of diamonds, nonchalant Naomi tells waiting court" – The Times

So bloody what,
I'm bloody late,
I'm bloody not
the one who waits.
So help me God.
That unexciting,
bloody night.
That bloody flirt.
That bloody pouch.
Those bloody tiny,
muddy pebbles.
Bloody rebels.
Men in black.
A bloody lack
of boxed and shiny
king-size rocks.
The bloody hurt.
No bloody sleep.
Next bloody day.
This Goldilocks,
this Miss Bo Peep.
Yes, she can smile.
As I'm the one
on bloody trial.
She's bloody heard
of bloody Liberia.
Mother Superior.
But I am working
like a slave
to save the world.
And I'm doing
bloody good
and bloody well.
Those bloody diamonds.
Bloody murder.
Bloody hell.
A bloody pact.
The bloody fact
that no one cared.
And now I know,
I've got to go.
The bloody fact
is I am scared.

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