All Alone

20 July 2011: "Rupert Murdoch eats humble pie, sustains foam pie attack at select committee hearing" – The Periscope Post

There once was a rogue
who hacked a phone,
perhaps he acted
all alone.

He hacked the phone,
we paid the Met,
they hired a hack,
we hired a cop.
It was a fair swap.

He hacked the phone,
they told the Met,
who opened a file,
it was open and shut.
The case adjourned,
no stone upturned.

He hacked the phone,
they found the bone
and added the gate.
We do regret.
The Met said let's
It's never too late.

He hacked the phone,
but look what we did:
We stopped the press,
got rid of the rag,
and fired some hacks.
We dropped the bid.

There once was a rogue
who hacked a phone.
If only we'd known.

There once was a mogul,
who fumbled and bumbled
and humbly intoned.
He took off his jacket
and wiped off the foam.
He went out the back.
Perhaps he'll be spending
more time at home.
All alone.

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