she gave, he ate

Genesis 3:6: "...she took of its fruit, and she ate, and she gave also to her husband with her, and he ate."

he woke, she waved
he joked, she blushed
he shrugged, they hugged
he dozed, she rose

it slid, it slinked
it stalked, it smirked
she blinked, it winked
she baulked, it urged

she took, she ate
she gave, he ate

he knew, she knew
she dressed, he wore
they heard, they hid
he claimed, she blamed

they left

she woke, she wept,
she swept, she fetched
she schlepped, he slept
he woke, he kvetched

he yoked, he toiled
he schemed, she dreamed
she screamed, she swore
she pushed, she bore

he nagged, she sagged
she ailed, he wailed
he groaned, he moaned
she sighed, they died

they rose

he hopped, she skipped
they met, they kissed
she took, she gave
he looked, she looked

they ate.

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