Not Before Time

Genesis 1:3-4,16,19: "And God said, ‘Let there be light’... and God separated between the light and the darkness... And God made ... the great luminary to rule the day ... And it was ... a fourth day."

First, the prequel
to the prologue,
when the earth was formless
and void,
and lightness and dark
were equal
in their absence.

And then, day one,
the darkness spiralled
through the blankness
and came to rest
upon the deep.

And then, day one,
the lightness glided
through the darkness,
and created a cloud
of smoke and fog.

And then, day one,
a separation
of light from dark,
a distillation
of black and white
into day and night.

And then, day four,
a knock on the door.
Unlock all the locks,
extinguish the chimes,
rewind all the clocks.
It's already light,
It's already bright.
You've missed all the fun.
In the beginning
has already begun.

And then, day four,
not before time,
the sun.

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